Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Blog

Earlier this week my personal email was hacked, stealing information that while not vital to running the world or anything, was important to me. I felt violated, my privacy was invaded, my password was changed and I can no longer access that email address... needless to say I was not a happy camper!

Today I find that my blog password has also apparently been changed... I have tried every user ID/password combination I can think of to no avail... Bummer!!! So I have created a new blog for my handmade all natural soap ramblings... formerly Pam's Soap Kitchen... the new blog is Southern Heart Soap Bubbles...

I began making handmade soap several years ago after visiting Stone Mountain Georgia and seeing a demonstration there and purchasing a couple bars of handmade soap... love at first wash!!!

The idea of being self-sufficient and self-sustaining intrigues me... some part of me would like a simpler time when there was nobody to tell you that you had to pay property taxes or be connected to the electricity grid or be dependent on anybody but your own talents and ability to make, grow, or create everything you needed to live... I should have been a pioneer woman!

Then I think of how much I love daily showers, my cell phone, my computer, my video games, my microwave, being able to get to the grocery store or a restaurant in five minutes... I am constantly at war with my own self it seems!

Ten years ago when Y2K was the fear in every heart that somehow the turning of the century would erase all technology, I was secretly hoping it would! If it's not there at all, I think I'd survive and be perfectly happy... however when it IS there to taunt and be convenient, I must give in and use technology and all the time saving (if costly and mind boggling!) it offers my busy life. But isn't my life busy partly BECAUSE of technology? What if all I had to do each day was make sure my home and family were fed, clothed, and clean? Sure it would be hard, hard work, taking up ALL my time, but I wouldn't have time to wallow in my despondency, I'd be busy simply surviving... Something about that appeals to me... someday... but first I must send a text message to my daughter and check Facebook!

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